About Us.

We are a team of financial technology and operations experts

about us.

Our proposition

Point Group are a financial services technology company. We design, build and operate cloud-native digital applications for investment managers. Our core data and technology integration platform - eXeer - enables investment managers to engage their clients, make intelligence-led decisions and adapt as they grow. The eXeer platform aggregates, analyses, visualises and shares complex investment data.

Our people

It is our people that make us different. We are a team of leaders from across the financial technology and operations, digital transformation and strategy consultancy sectors. Together we have run regulated financial businesses, growing them from start-up to IPO. We have built, bought and managed financial technology platforms. We have taken fintech products to market and integrated different technologies to create systems that are greater than the sum of their parts. We have advised leaders in government and business. Built high-performing teams and delivered transformation in the most demanding of environments. We bring this mix of talent and experience together to provide investment management with the technology expertise they need to grow, create value and serve their customers.

Our story

Formed in London in 2017 the Point Group founders combined their experience to bring innovation, advice and operational technology to the rapidly changing financial sector. We have stayed true to our founding values of integrity; innovative, open and diverse thinking; the delivery of excellence; and the responsibility we have to our clients, our colleagues and our society. Over the past 6 years, we have worked with clients across the finance sector to transform their businesses through the use of innovative technology and actionable advice. In parallel, we have invested in our technology and our people to create a data-first Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) that is focused on solving the needs of the wider investment management industry at a time of profound change and opportunity.



Tom Williams


Martin Ross

Head of System Development.

Vahid Mesri

Senior Adviser.

Jon Lipton

Senior Developer.

James Bradburn

Solutions Architect.

Mark Doherty

Senior PM / DPO.

Karen Heaton

Development Partner.


Our Approach.

1 . Client

We always focus on the client. We start by understanding their needs, their challenges, their ambitions and their market.

2 . Design

We work with them to design the solution that best addresses their requirements.

3 . Select

We identify the best technology and service providers in the market.

4 . Build

Where a technology solution does not exist in the market. And our clients need it. We build it.

5 . Integrate

We integrate best-in-class technologies to create client-focused solutions that are greater than the sum of their parts.

6 . Run

We partner with our clients for the long-term, ensuring their platforms and products are well managed and grow to keep up with changing markets and ever-improving technologies.

Our mission.

We unlock the value of data for investment managers by providing them with access to advanced, intuitive and open, data-intelligence capabilities.

Our vision.

To build a more efficient and engaging investment management sector by bridging the gap between business, data and technology.

Our values.

Our values guide everything we do. Our work with our clients. How we treat our people. How we contribute to our society. Our CSR policy details our values and how they guide our decisions and how we operate.

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