engage your clients.
unlock your data.
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Data-first investment management.
Aggregate. Analyse. Visualise. Share.

What we do.

We enable investment managers to build data-first businesses.

Reporting and Digital Engagement.

Support your client relationships with your suite of reporting and digital engagement tools using accurate, timely data sets.

Data Aggregation & Analysis .

Advise your clients and make intelligence-led decisions based on deep, accurate consolidated data analysis.

Technology Integration.

Embed flexibility and scalability into your business model. Integrate 3rd party products to create unique propositions.

eXeer is the keystone of your business whether you are starting up, scaling up, digitizing your operations or launching new business lines. eXeer supports the data, technology and service ‘mix’ you need to create modular, customized operating systems that are greater than the sum of their parts. We join the dots.


Collect, control and secure investment and market data from multiple underlying custodians, platforms, AIFMS, direct investments, real estate and specialist market data providers.

Analyse & visualise.

Make intelligence-led decisions by understanding your data and unlocking its value.
Engage your clients and build relationships with our suite of intuitive digital tools.


Integrate your tech stack. Benefit from advances in market-leading 3rd party technologies. Embed 3rd party financial products to create customized, modular business models.

Bespoke R&D.

We deliver enterprise-ready fintech applications and investment management operating platforms.

diagram Cloud-native digital applications.

Make your digital vision a reality.

We help you design, build and launch your enterprise-ready application efficiently and effectively.

diagram Investment management operating models.

Become a digitally-enabled manager.

We support the entire target operating model design, build and configuration process, by applying our proprietary integration technology and migration expertise to facilitate your digital transformation.

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