Cloud Native, Enterprise Ready Finance Applications

Make your digital vision a reality.

Work with our team of experienced financial technology development experts and finance sector professionals to ensure your product is designed, built and launched in the most efficient way possible.

Point Group works as an advisor or as an outsourced product development partner to get your product market ready.


1 . Expert Knowledge

We have hands-on experience of building cloud native application, selling those products to financial sector businesses and integrating them into enterprise clients. We know what it takes to bring a product to market and build a business around it.

2 . Network

Tap into the Point Group network. We work with subject matter experts from across the sector, from software development to UX design; from data scientists to buy and sell side processes experts.

3 . Flexible

We run distributed and flexible teams. We increase or decrease the level of support we provide you to match different levels of need throughout your product development cycle.

4 . Economical

We understand that developing a new product or business can be a daunting and cash intensive process. Why? Because we have done this ourselves. We are not tied to one commercial model and always looks for ways of developing long-term relationships where our contribution is rewarded through the success of our clients in the market.

Our process.



We work with our clients to properly understand their business, their intent for the future and the vision for their product or service.


Framework & Team

We put in place the correct product development framework and construct the right team best suited to successfully realise your product using both in-house resource and that provided by our wider network of specialist partners.


Design & Build

We lead the product development process iteratively, ensuring the product develops in line with your vision, road map and budget.



We continue to support your product throughout it's lifecycle and ensure it's integration into the wider business or that of the end user.

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