Operating Systems.

building the next generation of wealth and asset managers

Integrated excellence.

Cloud-based, modular investment operating systems for wealth and asset managers. Designed by industry experts using market leading 3rd party technologies and services delivered via Point Group integration's architecture.

Capabilities & Features.

Point Group provide our clients with a single point of contact and hosted platforms.

Delivering the stack of capabilities they need to grow, compete and succeed.

  • Digital Onboarding
  • Trade Processing
  • Funds
  • Data Warehouse
  • Cards
  • Portal Dashboard
  • Portal Management
  • Funds
  • Investment Book Of Record
  • FX
  • Digital Onboarding
  • Trade Processing
  • Funds
  • Investment Book Of Record
  • Corporate Actions
  • Private Digital Channel
  • Exposures
  • Alternatives
  • General Ledger
  • Payments

Selected from 3rd party market-leading companies with a focus on cloud native and open source technologies


Design Approach.

We build highly-efficient investment operating systems using proprietary and 3rd party technologies designed in response to client needs.
Our solutions may focus on building an entirely new system. Or to optimise existing technology stacks with new ‘tools’. Or simply concentrate on the proper configuration and integration of legacy systems.

Our process.



We work with our clients to properly understand their businesses, their intent for the future and their technology requirements.



We identify, select and design the correct mix of technological tools and services best suited to meet their needs.


Build & Integrate

We integrate the new and existing technologies into data-centric systems that are greater than the sum of their parts. We configure these technologies to serve the interest of the business and the end client.



We manage and take responsibility for the technological requirements and performance of our clients’ systems on their behalf as their outsourced CTO.


1 . Efficiency and scalability

Automate processes. Reduce key man risk. Make quicker decisions. Service more clients without increasing headcount. Grow.

2 . Improved end user experience

Deliver accurate, interactive, multi-channel reporting. Nurture client relationships through intuitive, secure digital channels.

3 . Tailored

We are not restricted to the one-size-fits-all approach of proprietary technology or service providers. We choose capabilities provided by market-leading partner firms dependent on client requirements.

4 . Intelligence

Focus on your competitive advantage let us provide you with ours: extensive in-house technical and operational expertise

5 . Flexible

Future proof your business by adding or removing capabilities as your needs change over time.

6 . Data Accuracy

Our operating systems focus on the correct collection, management and exploitation of data. We get the data right, so your business and your clients receive the best possible user experience.

7 . Automated

Remove the need for expensive, high-risk manual activity.

8 . Secure

Data secure. Regulatory compliant.

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