Corporate Social Responsibility Policy .

Last updated: FEBRUARY 2021

1. Background.

This document contains the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy that was approved by the Board of Directors of Point Group Limited (hereinafter, Point Group) in February 2021, in order to align it with best practices and recommendations on the matter (the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy or CSR Policy) This CSR Policy has published on the corporate website.

2. Definition, objectives and scope of application.

Point Group understands corporate social responsibility (hereinafter, “CSR”) as the responsibility arising from the impact of its activity on people’s lives and society. To comply with this responsibility, Point Group integrates social, environmental and ethical concerns, as well as those on human rights and stakeholders, into its daily business and relations with them. Through its CSR Policy, Point Group should contribute to the following objectives:

  • To carry out its main activity in a responsible manner, placing people at the core of its purpose.
  • To maximise the creation of sustainable and shared value for its shareholders and for the other stakeholders, and the whole of society in which it operates.
  • To prevent and mitigate the possible negative impacts derived from its activity.
  • To manage Point Group’s reputation.
  • This CSR Policy intends to create a framework that helps defining and promoting behaviours allowing for value creation for all stakeholders (clients, employees, shareholders, suppliers, partners and society) within the framework of a culture of social responsibility.

    3. Values.

    Point Group has the vision of being committed to building a more efficient and engaging finance sector by building bridges between business and technology. Essentially, technology to optimise finance. To do so, Point Group’s objective is to help finance sector companies engage clients and operate efficiently by building solutions using the best technology combined with our financial operations expertise. This represents an overview of Point Group’s actions. The values that rule the CSR Policy are:

    a. Integrity

  • We pride our ourselves on our honesty and sincerity. We are open and transparent with our clients; our partners and our Point Group colleagues. We are humble. We do not pretend to be experts in things we are not.
  • b. Innovative, open and diverse thinking

  • We solve problems for our clients in a complex and competitive environment. To do so we must remain questioning, inquisitive and adventurous. We strive to learn new things and new ways of doings them. We want our people to dare to fail. We continually look to work with a diverse range of people and organisations to create a collective expertise from which we can develop new ideas and create valuable solutions.
  • c. Pride and deliver excellence

  • We are passionate about what we do and our reputation. We do not accept mediocrity. We strive to deliver excellence. We take pride in seeing our clients succeed and grow. We prioritise in building partnerships with them where we contribute for the long term and we aim to align ourselves with their ongoing success.
  • d. Responsibility

  • We take our responsibilities to our clients, our colleagues and our society seriously. We understand that the solutions we provide our clients are instrumental in their success. We share their successes and failures. We are responsible for building and maintaining an environment that is a supportive, nurturing and an exciting place to work. We understand how our industry is an instrumental part of our society. We strive to be part of building a more transparent, inclusive and accountable financial sector.
  • 4. Responsible commitments and practises.

    In order to comply with these principles, Point Group has implemented the following specific commitments:

    a. Clients

  • To place clients at the core of its activity, in order to establish long-lasting relationships based on mutual trust and value contribution.
  • To encourage the development of products and services with a high social or environmental impact, adapted to the context in which its clients live.
  • b. Employees and contractors

  • To respect diversity and promote the equality of opportunities, in addition to the non-discrimination due to gender, age, disability or any other circumstance.
  • To promote work-life balanced practices.
  • To implement practises to guarantee employee safety and ensure all employees health.
  • To encourage a culture of social commitment and shared values between the employees, facilitating the conditions so that volunteering activities can be carried out.
  • c. Shareholders and investors

  • To promote transparency, truthfulness, immediacy and homogeneity in disclosing information.
  • To facilitate awareness of those issues that may be necessary to enable an appropriate exercise of shareholders’ rights.
  • To guarantee equality of treatment of all shareholders and investors that are in the same position.
  • d. Society and environment

  • To support the development of the societies where Point Group is present through financial activity, as well as to social programmes.
  • To define and implement a strategy of climate change and sustainable development for achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
  • To participate as appropriate in initiatives and collaborate with regulators and other organisations to promote and disseminate responsible practices.
  • e. Suppliers and partners

  • To define and apply a Responsible Procurement Policy
  • f. Fiscal responsibility

  • To carry out its activity by adequately complying with its tax obligations and avoid any practise that involves illicit tax evasion.
  • g. Prevention of illegal behaviours

  • To encourage compliance with the legal obligations and avoid behaviours that are contrary to the internal standards and policies, or that may damage Point Group’s property, image or reputation.
  • h. Respect for Human Rights

  • To apply Point Group´s commitment to human rights, which includes respect for human rights in accordance with the International Bill of Human Rights.
  • 5. Choosing a CSR charity partner .

    Point Group recognises that one of the main challenges is to find charity partner(s) that will support our giving objectives and work with us successfully for mutual gains. It is essential that Point Group choose a cause that makes sense to the business and the Interests of its employees and stakeholders. We will also seek to find charity partner(s) who can deliver clearly defined aims. The process for finding charity partner(s):

  • The Board of Directors solicits proposals for charity partner(s) from all employees, excluding directors, based on a written submission outlining the merits of the cause and benefits to the recipients of support from the charity
  • A short-list is created based on an executive level managed process of evaluating transparency, impact, synergy and connection
  • Employees, excluding directors, will be asked to vote on the charities which in their view deserve their support and efforts for the coming year
  • The approval of a charity partner(s) is the responsibility of the Board of Directors following the Employee vote.
  • 6. Channels of communication, participation and dialogue .

    Point Group has multiple channels and tools of communication, participation and dialogue with all stakeholders. Point Group encourages transparency when disseminating information to stakeholders, adopting at all times responsible communication practices.

    7. Governance model.

    The approval of the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy of Point Group is the responsibility of the Board of Directors. The specific actions and initiatives for the development and implementation of the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy will be established and coordinating at the executive level. All Point Group’s business area will also collaborate within the scope of its competences and compliance. The actions developed within the framework of the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy are considered voluntary for Point Group and do not arise from any regulatory obligation or normative duty.