eXeer for W&P.

a case study summary

eXeer enables control, oversight and accurate reporting of our investment data, allowing us to focus on providing informed advice to our clients and grow our business without investing in unscalable processes”.

– William Proger, W&P


The eXeer platform provides W&P with the foundation it needs to build a flexible, agile operating model that places data at its centre.

The eXeer platform delivers automated pixel-perfect client reporting; sophisticated analytics enabling fast and accurate decision-making; and the integration capabilities needed to build a wealth management business that is greater than the sum of its parts.


William & Partners is a dynamic investment advisory firm. They offer advice and expertise across investments, consultancy and private office services; bringing together decades of knowledge and experience in wealth management and the law.


As a start-up providing a range of wealth management services to demanding HNW clients, W&P needed to build an operating model that could deliver excellence for clients immediately, whilst be able to deliver greater capabilties over time as the business grew in terms of client numbers, AUM and range of services.


eXeer provides W&P with an investment data foundation. It aggregates data from multiple underlying sources of record, including a global custodian and several UK investment platforms.

With transactions stored within eXeer’s data warehouse, it maintains W&Ps independent Investment Book of Record (IBOR). This single source of investment data truth, provides W&P with:

  • Accurate, custom reporting for clients.
  • Actionable intelligence at the single and multiple portfolio level.
  • The data required for integration with 3rd party solutions as the business grows including digital portal and applications, CRM and order management.

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