enterprise ready SaaS tax reporting.

a case study summary

Automating FATCA and CRS


Working as part of an integrated team with the client and our development partners, Metasite; we designed, built and helped our client take to market an enterprise-ready SaaS platform providing automated tax reporting to a wide range of end users.



A fast growing consultancy providing operational compliance services and advice across KYC, Financial Crime and Operational Tax to Financial Institutions in the UK and Europe.

Their core services are regulatory consultancy, outsourced KYC/DD services and operational design.



Building on their highly successful advisory foundation, our client is focusing on developing next generation technologies that sit alongside their experts to a create scalable, tech-enabled, financial compliance service.

This project focused on one specific technology development, that of automating the submission of W-Series and CRS tax forms, previously a manual and highly resource intensive process.

At a business level, the solution needed to be simple, easy to use and deploy, and require no system maintenance or administration by the client. Furthermore it needed to immediately deliver a revenue stream for the client whilst providing value to financial institutions and the individual end customer.

From a technology perspective the challenge was to deliver a solution that integrated with End Customer Books of Record; delivered increased Straight Through Processing (STP) rates; automatically identified Change of Circumstances in end users. Critically it needed to integrate with existing back-end admin systems and client portals with minimal configuration and bespoke development.



Over a 18 month period Point Group worked as part of an integrated product delivery team to deliver an enterprise-ready, revenue generative SaaS platform providing automated FATCA and CRS services to a wide range of end users.

Assuming the role of ‘Product Owner’ and ‘Solutions Architect’, we worked with our colleagues at the client and Metasite to design, build and deliver a technology solution capable of full integration with end-user systems.

We acted as the interface between the business users and the technology development team and deployed our experience in both running regulated financial institutions and building technology at all stages throughout the product build.

The platform was successful deployed into one of the UK’s largest retail investment platforms.


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