a fund of digital assets.

a case study summary

Over a six month period, we designed and built a fund-of-fund business-in-a-box, tailored to client requirements, ready for the fund’s launch.


A new fund management business that “offered diversified exposure to the rise of digital assets through a diversified portfolio of digital asset managers”


To design and build an operating platform to support the launch of their new business by:

  • Satisfying regulatory and seed investor due diligence
  • Providing our clients with the time and space to focus on attracting investors
  • Supporting their first trade.


We acted as our clients operational partners and led on the design and build of the operating model they needed to go live.

We provided them with the operational and technology expertise they needed to launch the business, whilst ensuring their core team could concentrate on securing seed investment, building their team and developing their investment thesis.

Our initial discovery phase focused on developing their operational requirement. Working with them to develop a clear understanding of what technology and operational capabilities they would require to realise their vision.

Once done, we built an effective team of Point Group technology, fund management and financial operations experts to design and then build their operating platform in response to a clearly defined set of requirements.

Our work focused on three main areas:

  • Technology configuration

The customisation of the portfolio management system needed to support initial trading operations.

  • Fund structures design and build

We acted as the single point of contact for custodian, fund admin, legal and regulatory coordination delivering a master/feeder structure in Bermuda and Ireland.

  • Process design and realisation

We designed, documented and embedded the correct and appropriate business process to ensure good governance and robust business operations. To support business as usual and to satisfy regulatory oversight and seed investor due diligence.

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