Advanced Analytics and Reporting.

a case study summary

“Outstanding client service lies at the core of our business; it’s what our clients expect and it’s what we have always delivered. We wanted to invest in a solution that would not only help us to institutionalise, scale and develop this process as a business, but would also enhance the client experience. I am pleased to say that with Point Group as a strategic technology partner, that is exactly what we have been able to achieve.”

– Ian Barnard, Founding Partner & CEO, CapGen


By deploying and customising our Advanced Analytics and Reporting platform alongside their core operational portfolio management system, CapGen have the capability to exploit their investment data to meet their specific requirements.

Our platform delivers customised pixel-perfect client reporting and a powerful analytical capability to support their investment and client relationship processes.


CapGen is an investment manager for families, endowments and individuals. They help clients who want to build portfolios that don’t just protect their capital, but put it to use. Together with their direct investment and real estate specialities, CapGen helps clients to create portfolios that are diverse, dynamic and built to last.


Building on the wider target operating model and system design work we completed for CapGen, we needed to solve for two client-specific data challenges:

  • One: Automated generation of highly-customisable pixel-perfect PDF client reporting.
  • Two. Flexibile analytical capability to support their portfolio modelling process.


We deployed our Advanced Analytics and Reporting platform alongside Expersoft’s PM1 portfolio management system (PMS). PM1 is a powerful and highly capable PMS, which we recommended to CapGen during our design work, and after rigourous testing and assessment.

Our proprietary technology was deployed not to replace any PM1 capabilities but to augment them in areas where CapGen required enhanced features. As such, the PM1 platform provides and maintains CapGen’s Investment Book of Record (IBOR) and provides their core operational ‘engine’; whilst our data intelligence platform extracts only the data required to deliver against specific analytical and reporting use cases:

Client Reporting

Automatically generated pixel-perfect client reporting, customisable to meet specific individual client needs, reporting across single and consolidated portfolios.

Portfolio Modelling

Replacing a legacy excel-based portfolio modelling process with an automated, reliable and accurate portfolio modelling tool.


Our platform delivers a highly flexible capability designed to analyse and visualise CapGen proprietary investment data. Looking ahead, the platform will deliver enhanced analytics and reporting for the relationship management and finance teams, and the C-Suite.


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