cloud IT provider selection.

a case study summary

“We relied on Point Group’s market intelligence and experience in identifying, assessing and selecting technology providers against well-defined requirement sets to ensure we made the right choice when appointing our new cloud IT infrastructure provider”

– Nick Makin, Chief of Staff, Audentia Global.


We provided Audentia with the market intelligence and selection criteria to allow them to confidently select a cloud IT provider that would support their launch and growth plans.


Audentia Global drives economic growth by working with debt providers and investors to finance trade in real assets.

They offer three core services: asset management, alternative credit structures and enhanced risk management.


As a new business, Audentia was in the process of putting in place the right building blocks of their future operating model. An operating platform that would allow them to successfully launch and grow, whilst providing excellent service to their clients.

They identified early on that a critical element of this was how best to access the IT requirements they needed in a way that was secure; would support regulated financial activity; was cost-effective for a start up but could scale and grow with the company.


We conducted a short, focused piece of work to assess a range of IT service providers; identify a short list; and host and manage a beauty parade; enabling Audentia to make an informed choice of this critical element of their operating model.

Our activity focused on several elements:

  • Discovery. Getting to know Audentia as a business and identifying their requirements.


  • Initial market assessment. Including public vs private vs hybrid cloud service options; identification of a long list of candidates; ranking and high-level DD.


  • Detailed assessment: Engagement with shortlisted candidates; and assessment against criteria mapping.


  • Beauty parade: Managed presentation Q&A session with two shortlisted candidates to support Audentia’s final decision making.

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